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Marwa Khalil



Discover the unparalleled talent and expertise of Marwa, an esteemed award-winning voice-over artist.

Renowned on an international scale, Marwa has earned prestigious nominations at the esteemed Voice Arts Awards. Her exceptional vocal prowess has been sought after by distinguished names such as Philips, Amazon, United Airlines, UNESCO, YouTube Premium, Oreo, Carrefour, INTERPOL, PlayStation5 and numerous other prominent entities.

With an impressive versatility, Marwa effortlessly embodies a wide spectrum of emotions and styles, delivering energetic, friendly, warm, confident, powerful, authentic, or conversational performances with utmost finesse. Her captivating voice possesses the remarkable ability to breathe life into any project, ensuring exceptional quality and unwavering professionalism.

When you entrust your vision to Marwa, you can be confident that your projects will transcend expectations, leaving an indelible impact on your audience. Experience the transformative power of Marwa’s voice, and elevate your audio content to unprecedented heights of excellence.



As a remote-ready voice-over artist, Marwa has delivered projects to different countries:  USA, France, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Brazil, Netherlands and Lebanon are a few to mention, and of course, Egypt where she is based. 

Several world-recognizable brands and organizations rely on her voice


Marwa is a passionate person, she cares to deliver the best quality of work. 
Her work exceeded our expectations in delivering work on time with excellent quality.

– Hatem Radwan
Edmodo Community Manager


Marwa was simply perfect: punctual, professional, she delivered a perfect recording, and she was very accommodating. I recommend her without hesitation.


-marine le ray
director at your-comics


Highly professional, timely and eager to engage. Excellent..


-gabriel michael
   Director at Image House

Meet Marwa

She is very interested in discussing your next project and sharing your directions and insights:

  • You can send an email to schedule a Zoom meeting with Marwa to discuss your project. If you have the time to be involved in the process, you will enjoy a delightful experience from start to end.
  • If you don’t have time, you can rely on Marwa.  Drop your script and direction via Whatsapp or give her a quick call to get your quote. She’s got you covered!

How the process goes

1. Share project details

Send your script OR  its length along with the type and details of your project.

2. Project is reviewed

The project details are reviewed and then you will receive a quote and customized audition if needed.

3. Recording

Upon agreement, Marwa will start recording and if there are any questions, she will get back to you.

4. Project delivery

You can rely on Marwa to deliver your audio recordings as fast and with the technical specifications and directions as agreed.

5. Revisions 

Short scripts (less than 5 minutes) can get up to 2 free revisions.

Payments methods

Supported Payment options are:  PAYPAL, Wise, Payoneer, Bank transfer, and Vodafone cash for local payments.

Feedback is appreciated to ensure the best experience is always delivered. And then she’ll look forward to working with you again!