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My Story

Couldn’t deal with electrical boards, but crafted her way through voiceover career.

” After graduating from faculty of engineering in 2008, I couldn’t stand working as an engineer for more than 2 months!

I started to fall in love with the media field as early as 2009, As if I was born for that! I was trained in the Kamal Adham Center at the American University of Cairo to master reading news and reporting. Followed by training as a reporter on one of the biggest talk show TV programs at that time!

I was honored with three lovely, little kids one after another! We all followed my husband and lived for a long time in a foreign country.
Being a full-time mother for 10 years was a challenge that still couldn’t take my eyes away from my dream and passion of voice-over. I have been supported by amazing and supportive husband who was behind it all. He believed in my talent and helped by all the means he could, so I started over again!”

It was the year 2020 that marked Marwa’s kickstart in professional voiceover career.

“I have joined a worldwide voiceover platform, enabling me to get professional training, engage in live mentoring sessions at the hands of industry experts, and study business management classes. I practiced day and night, built my own home studio and gave the dream my all.”

After less than 2 years of continuous and dedicated work, she’s now a full-time professional voiceover talent to rely on.
She is totally immersed in crafting her way through the voiceover world, not only as an individual but as a BRAND that is trustworthy. A brand you can rely on!

My Home Studio

I have a professional home studio (isolated and sound-proofed) with the following specs:

  • Microphone: Sennheiser MK4
  • Audio Interface: Scarlett 2i2
  • Headphones: Audio Technica
  • Editing Software: Adobe Audition 2021 




How the process goes

1. Share project details

Send your script OR  its length along with the type and details of your project.

2. Project is reviewed

The project details are reviewed and then you will receive a quote and customized audition if needed.

3. Recording

Upon agreement, Marwa will start recording and if there are any questions, she will get back to you.

4. Project delivery

You can rely on Marwa to deliver your audio recordings as fast and with the technical specifications and directions as agreed.

5. Revisions 

Short scripts (less than 5 minutes) can get up to 2 free revisions.

Payments methods

Supported Payment options are:  PAYPAL, Wise, Payoneer, Bank transfer, and Vodafone cash for local payments.

Feedback is appreciated to ensure the best experience is always delivered. And then she’ll look forward to working with you again!